We are proud to say we are constantly growing and expanding! Hive Creative Works is currently looking for Artists & Teachers  in the Rochester area. As a Painting with Canvas artist, you will be teaching groups of people in a fun, social environment, to paint their first works of art.  The environment is very relaxed and you will help the patrons create something beautiful while enjoying the social settings with friends. Interested? Check out the requirements below and submit your resume!

Artist must:

  • Be 18 years old

  • Be able to speak to large groups up to 30 people that are SOMETIMES sober or children.

  • Have an passion for crafting & painting self taught artists are welcome!

  • Have an outgoing and fun personality to liven up the group.
  • Have reliable transportation and arrive up to an hour early to set up
  • Be able to lift, move tables around, and clean up at the end. 

 Email inquires &/or resumes please to HiveCreativeWorks@gmail.com