Are you and your friends ready to explore the culinary art world in a fun party environment?
Our team offers both public & private workshops that are great for anyone even kids! Hive Creative are proud to provide culinary events in the form of "Hands On" classes! Some workshops we currently host are:

  • Chocolate shoe party
  • Chocolate portrait party
  • Painting with chocolate party.
  • Cake decorating workshops
  • Cakepop workshops
  • and many more coming soon!

Come design your own personalized chocolate heel! That's right, a life sized(6) chocolate heel. Each participant will have a choice between styles of a classic heel or stiletto heel. You can even choose between milk or white chocolate. Not only will you get to decorate your own heel but you will also get to stuff it with various treats such as truffles, chocolates, dipped pretzels & more, all included! Each shoe hold roughly the same amount of treats & are a real life size 6 heel. Workshop lasts for about 1.5 hours, depending on group size and interactivity.You will leave the Chocolate Heel Workshop with your personalized shoe filled with treats for you to indulge in by yourself or to show off or gift to your friends and family.

  • 1 life sized chocolate heel for each participant (Milk or White)
  • Treats Bar to stiff your shoes
  • 1.5-2 hour instruction
  • $220 minimum(up to 6 persons) each person after $30

Culinary Workshops